9 Reasons to choose nicotine-free eliquids

Addiction free vaping; the new way to enjoy vaping without harmful nicotine

The majority of vapers today have turned to vaping as a way to wean themselves off smoking tobacco. It’s an effective way of doing so as it can offer a nicotine hit like many medically recommended quitting methods, but with the added benefit of a ritual-like process many associate with having a cigarette. It’s an opportunity in a busy day to stop, relax and enjoy a quiet moment either by yourself or with others. Slapping on a nicotine patch or popping a wad of gum into your mouth doesn’t quite offer the same experience. If you’re thinking of moving away from nicotine e-juice, here are some points to consider that may just help you get there.

1. You’re in control

The great thing about vaping is that you, the vaper, are in total control of what goes into the e-liquid you put into your device. Flavor, VG/PG ratio (see our blog on this here) and importantly; nicotine level. When it comes to smoking, the only way to cut down your nicotine consumption is to smoke less, which is generally easier said than done. By contrast, vaping allows you to gradually reduce your consumption over time if that’s the way you want to go, or even go cold turkey right off the bat.

2. Cloud chasing

Nicotine-free e-liquid is hands down the best for vapor production, and additionally it’s smoother and easier on the throat while you practice if your goal is to learn to do tricks with your vapor.

3. You can buy it more cheaply

Sales and production statistics indicate that the majority of people who take up vaping are doing so as a way to kick the cigs. It stands to reason then that nicotine-free e-liquid is not in high demand, and probably doesn’t sell that well, which is why you nearly always see it on sale. Saving some coin on your journey to nicotine free vaping is an added bonus.

4. It’s better for your health

Cutting down or cutting out the addictive substance that is nicotine can only be a good thing. As any vaper who has done even a small amount of research before picking up an e-cig will know, the jury is still out as to the long-term effects of vaping. If cutting out the nicotine means you’re cutting down on the amount you vape, your lungs will thank you for it.

5. A whole new world of flavours

Replace your nicotine craving with a guilt free sweet flavour hit instead. Quitting the cigs will see a big improvement in your taste buds, and an opportunity to enjoy the huge array of delicious e-juice flavours on offer!

The social aspect of vaping has soared in recent years, as former smokers experience the camaraderie of gathering with a group of like-minded individuals and enjoying the ritual of vaping. Make 2020 your year for going nicotine free with Vape Rhino’s range of delicious, nic free vape juice.