How much vapes cost in 2020

Cigarettes vs Vaping - Vaping is up to 90% cheaper than smoking! We provide a cost breakdown for cigarettes vs vaping

Australia currently has the highest tobacco prices in the world, and they are tipped to rise another 12.5% in 2020. The health risks associated with smoking aside, many people turn to vaping to ease the growing strain on their hip pocket. In this article, we investigate the start up cost of converting to vaping, and what you can expect to spend on your habit over the course of a year.

Vaping devices

Most people start with a disposable vape, a pod device, or a vape with a refillable tank. These will typically set you back between $5 to $50 AUD depending on which setup you go for. There are definitely more expensive vapes around, but it’s more to do with the manufacturing material quality rather than better vaping performance which is much of a muchness regardless if you’re spending $25 or $200.


A pre-filled, disposable vape will be cheaper than a refillable to buy outright, but they’ll typically only last a couple of days, and the cost of buying a new one several times a week will soon work out much more expensive than just buying a vape with a refillable tank to begin with.

Disposables – $5 to $10 per vape

Replaceable pod – $5 – $10 and offer around 200 – 300 puffs out of a pod

Refillable tank – A 30ml refillable bottle of e-juice will set you back about $20. Obviously how much you go through will depend on the frequency of your usage, however the average vaper uses about 4ml per day, which equates to about 50 bottles over the course of a year.

Consumables (reusable vapes only)

Replacement heating element (Coil). All reusable vapes have a coil that will need to be regularly replaced or the performance of your device will be affected. Regularity of replacement will depend on your frequency of use, and the type of e-juice you use as liquid ratio designed to produce more vapor will burn through your coils faster. A replacement coil will run you between $1 – $5.

As a hobbyist or newbie to vaping, conservatively you’d be looking at about $1,310 annually. Let’s break it down;

Refillable tank device: $50

Refillable bottle (30ml): $20 x 50 bottles per year = $1,000

Coils: $5 x 52 (assuming weekly replacement) = $260

If you compare that with a pack a day smoker who could be spending on average $28 a day (20 cigarettes per pack of a well-known brand), that’s an eye watering $10,220 a year. Buying your device second hand, wrapping your own coils and mixing your own e-juice only brings the cost of vaping down further. Do your body and your wallet a favour, and make it your 2020 resolution to give the cigs the boot this year.

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